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Coin Catalog Pro 2.4.7

Coin Catalog Pro 2.4.7: Coin Catalog Pro - Coin Collecting Software coin data private is to keep the coin information on your own PC. Benefits of Coin Catalog Pro: *Maintain detailed data for all of your coins in one powerful software database *Analyze your coin data to maximize your coin portfolio purchases *Sort and filter your data by coin type, cost, grading authority, grade, etc. *Save photos, documents and attachments alongside each coin - no more searching! *Facilitate coin or numismatic purchases and sales

WorldCoins 2.0.27: Software solution to organize and manage with ease any kind of coin collection
WorldCoins 2.0.27

This software solution is both a coin organizer and inventory software program for everyone who wants to have a complete and detailed inventory of a collection of coins as well as keep up to date this collection with ease. Add as many coins as you want with its relevant information and attach up to four images for each coin, find a particular coin or groups of coins with the powerful search function on eighteen different fields and much more...

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Coin Mate 2014 1.0.12: Manage your own Coin collection!
Coin Mate 2014 1.0.12

Coin Mate - the new advanced coin collecting software A new powerful Coin collecting software with automatic import is available now! In collaboration with Colnect we have managed to build Coin Mate, a software that will change the coin collectors world. Coin Mate is an advanced collecting manager for managing your own coin collection, wishlist, selling lists, etc. Its main advantages are user friendly interface and automatic import (thanks to Colnect

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Coin Collector 5.1.1: Catalog and organize your coin collection with this free application.
Coin Collector 5.1.1

Coin Collection software can help get your collection of coins cataloged and organized. The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. The majority of the data and functions are on the main screen. So you do not have to move from window to window to manage your collection. There are numerous fields where you can enter data on your coins such as grade, location, condition, buy date, and mint. There is also a graphic area to put a picture of the

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Coin Organizer Deluxe 4.21: Organize and manage your coin collections.
Coin Organizer Deluxe 4.21

coin related data. For the database novice, Coin Organizer`s intuitive interface and ready-to-use coin inventory solutions make it easy to set up and use. - Modern Coins: organize and maintain modern coin collections. - Ancient Coins: organize and maintain ancient coin collections. - Medieval Coins: organize and maintain medieval to modern coin collections. - Coin Web Resources: organize web coin resources. - Coin Contacts: organize coin related

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CoinTicker Desktop 2.2: Calculate & inventory silver coin values based on current spot silver prices.
CoinTicker Desktop 2.2

coin collection is easier than ever with the CoinTicker Silver Coin Melt Calculator Desktop Software. Silver coin collecting novices and professionals alike will find CoinTicker a must have tool for tracking their silver coin inventory. Using the spot price, which is updated every minute, CoinTicker calculates the value of silver content within your silver coin collection based on their type (nickel, dime, quarter, etc.) and how many of each type

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NumisEXPERT Collector 3.0

U.S. Coin collecting software to help the user maximize and manage his collection. Utilities help identify all U.S. coins since 1616 automatically alerting user to which coins have known errors or varieties (increases value substantially). Full price information is provided which update retail price all coins in the collection monthly. Custom configurable templates automate posting & managing on-line auctions like Yahoo! and eBay. Much more!

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